women empowerment

Know your worth

Watering down your God given gifts is pretty much like telling God to His face, you don't appreciate what He's given you? Unless you're completely crazy, I can not imagine anyone having enough guts to tell the Creator of all things, that He doesn't know what He's doing!!! Seriously, most of us in our right minds would never even think about uttering those words to Him HOWEVER actions speak louder than words. While we may not utter those words to Him, our acts of second guessing our value scream, "God you don't know what you're doing and I know ME better than YOU do!" How about when we compare ourselves to other people whose purpose may mirror ours just a little bit, so we begin to second guess if we're even capable of succeeding. I don't know, maybe this post is just for me but Chile, I am so tired of wrestling with God, It is time that WE completely, wholeheartedly move in OUR purpose. WE must no longer allow fear and complacency to dictate OUR worth. WE must no longer water down ourselves at the leisure of peoples level of comfort. We're either looking to please God or Man. Give yourself permission to do what you were created to do and that's to BE GREAT!

This weekend I was confronted by myself, Yup! You read correctly, The New Simone confronted the Old Simone! As I was preparing to host an amazing workshop on Saturday, it dawned on me that I completely watered down the value of the services I was to provide later on. I knew beforehand that the workshop would transform for each attendee. I knew that their lives would be impacted and transformed, however for some odd reason I convinced myself that they would not see the value of what I was offering therefore in order for me to move tickets I had to sell them at a significantly discounted price. Just so I could have seats filled?? Really Simone?! When I sent out text messages and emails to potential attendees with the watered down amount my spirit instantly was grieved! The New Simone said "How much longer will you value quantity over quality?" 

We live in a society that tells us if we no don't have "X" amount of followers or subscribers or if we don't have "X" amount of likes and shares on what we post on social media then we must not have any real value! The Devil is a Liar!!!

It was in that moment that I heard the voice of God whisper to me, "Don't water down what I have purposed for you to do, if you do you're operating in disbelief. Don't you trust me Simone?"

I asked myself two things, "Who do I trust more, people or God!?" and "Since God gave me Some ME Time, will He not lead the people to me?!

In closing I would like to give words of encouragement in the form of a short prayer;

Dear Lord,
Thank you for your mercy and grace!
Thank you for creating each of us for a greater purpose, May we please be lead by your Spirit. May we please know without a shadow of doubt what you have purposed for us and as we receive your instructions may we take them and run. May our lives be a reflection of your love for us and how beautiful it is to live for you. May we appreciate what you purposed us to do in our living and serving this world. In Jesus name Amen!